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Great deals on international phone calls from USA, Russia, and Europe.

The international prepaid phone cards are provided by Master Bell Inc., USA. WayToRussia.Net is an authorized distributor.

Phone Cards vs. Skype

Phone cards offer several advantages compared to your mobile provider and VoIP operators, such as Skype or Vonage.

First is the price. Skype cannot yet offer you 1c/min rate landline to landline from US to Russia (or back), these phone cards can.

Second is the flexibility. You're not buying just a piece of plastic, you're actually getting a PIN Code that will give you access to a powerful online interface, that enables you to customize your calling experience fully. For example, you can set up a direct phone number in the US that forwards to any number in the world (you only pay the standard rates). You will get a list of access numbers in every country in the world, enabling you to call at low rates wherever you wish and when you want. You can also use online interface to connect any two phones in the world or use sms to request an incoming phonecall from a number of your choice (super handy if you don't want to pay exorbitant roaming charges).

Basically, with a phone card PIN you're getting the lowest rates and a bunch of services, which you can use in conjunction with your existing mobile phone or landline.

How to Make a Call

1. Choose the card according to your needs.
2. After you make the payment (using your credit card, PayPal or WebMoney), you'll receive your PIN immediately.
3. Dial the access number (you'll get a list of those with the PIN), enter the PIN code, and the number you wish to call.

How to Use Web Call

Web Call allows you to connect any two numbers in the world using the online interface. This can be useful not only to play pranks on your friends and family :) but also as a powerful tool to keep in touch while on the road. To do that, just create a WebCall account and top up your credit (at least $5 US). You get WebCall interface for free with the Continental Card.

What about the Call Quality

The best quality and the lowest rates are for the phone calls between the US and Russia. There's no delay and the sound quality is good. The quality from Europe is also good (except for Continental cards), but the rates might be a bit higher if you're calling from mobile phones. If you're using a landline or SMS / WebCall interface (see above), then the rates are comparable to those of VoIP providers, such as Skype and Vonage. If you experience any problems with quality, please, contact Master Bell's (not WayToRussia's!) Customer Support. They will get back to you normally the same day (max 24 hours) and attempt to resolve the problem. If you're not sure how the cards will work from your country, we advise to start with a small amount, $5 US for example, see if you're happy and then when you know it's good you can come back for more.

Legal Information

Here's a list of all legal agreements and disclaimers related to this service. One extra word about the payments: you can pay with a credit card, PayPal or WebMoney online. The payments are processed instantly, meaning that you get the PIN and start using the card immediately. However, in some instances, when the payment provider deems the transaction suspicious, they might want to contact you to verify your payment. This only happens once and for your own protection. Normally, if you're using your own credit card or PayPal account from the country where it is registered, there shouldn't be any problem at all with the payment.

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